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"The Eggs and Chicken story ends here"

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"The Eggs and Chicken story ends here"

This is the time to scale up the developmental activities at large, and to come out from pilot syndrome, accept the proven model and scale it up to serve larger population in a sustainable manner.

Common Service Center Project is a project based on the out come of several such pilot, we now need to get united and put forward the thought of “Co-ordinating Synergies” at various levels in order to make CSC a grant sustainable Project, as the name itself suggests that it is a “Common Service Center”. We have to be loud and advocate various Govt. Deptt. to provide their services through this network, rather then starting from scratch again.The "Chicken and Egg" story end's here, the network is now sizable and maturing everyday. SCA's have taken first step - "The Egg is there Hatch the way you want", it is now on the Govt. department how they take advantage of this Technology Driven Network , it is proven tool for development, specially rural development as it provide knowledge and information connectivity which are the key's for socio-economic development.

The Rural communities through Common Service Centers are empowered with all 3A's i.e. awareness, accessibility and affordability At NICT, we have taken communities as our partner in Business by creating the "GRAM PRAGATI SAMOHA". This group of 3-4 men and women of village with our operator, work out the “Need Assessment”. At present, whole lot of services spectrum is available from education – Vocational Training, Banking to Insurance, Agro Input, Medical – Mobile Hospital, Knowledge products like news paper and Magazines, Telecom, Govt. services through MP Online, FMCG.

Our VLE's are trained and now they are maturing to take Lead Role as Local Hero's for "Change" /Development. The patronage of Govt. of M.P. specially Hon'ble Chief Minister Mr. Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Minister of IT Mr. Kailash Vijyavergiya, IT Secretary Mr. Anurag Jain, OSD IT Mr. Anurag Shrivastav were always avilable 24X7 providing support and guidance. Our service provider organization are always eager to take first step in providing support for formulating New Business Model, training at grass root level, without which we would have not achieved what we have achieved today.

     Mukesh Hajela
     CEO NICT (Indore)