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Agriculture@CSC ICT Enabled Center

Establishing ICT enable Farmer capacity building

During the last two decades the scenario in rural areas has significantly changed which is having a major bearing on the existing farming systems. These are being integrated by innovative farmers leading to significant innovations in their overall farming systems. There is a need to analyze successful examples so that these could be replicated in the similar situations at faster rate. NICT is an NGO working in area of societal development by deployment of technology inspired by The vision of his Excellency A.P.J. Abdul Kalam as illustrated in his book "An vision the empowered Nation" using technology for development.

NICT is a proud organization to have Dr. M.S.Swaminathan as guide being a partner organization of "Mission 2007" (Every village a knowledge centre).

This is an era of Information and Information management has become key to success in this era. IT is making an effect on every ones day to day life and Information and Communication technology (ICT) is very efficiently and effectively managing it, something in which Indians are global leaders. This has transformed economies in to knowledge economies.

Use of ICT for better livelihood deliveries and to develop sustained rural business model, information and knowledge are the key areas. It is well known that farmers have not only technological but also other needs namely, inputs, credit, marketing, social facilitation for group action, conflict resolution, community organization etc. Public sector alone is not able to meet all these needs in an effective manner. Therefore, there is requirement to identify appropriate network system to meet specific needs of farmers based upon their comparative advantages to farmers.

There is a need to identify developmental gaps so that it could be used as a basis for technical planning of development programs.

Efforts are on to develop an ICT enabled collaborative platform to deliver Government and Business information and Services to the citizens in a hassle free, cost effective and timely manner, which resulted several projects in the area of e-governance and ICT for development.